Admin Instructions and Videos

What Administrators Need to Know

Previewing the following information and videos come highly recommended for all new, tournament administrators.

The purpose of this page is to familiarize you with tournament setup and system functionality. Setup initially starts with a golf club search to verify club and course information previewed by your potential players on the Events page.

After your initial club search, you'll perform tournament setups, including:

  •  Completing general tournament data (# of days, start date, image upload, fee calculator, player entry fee, course handicap calculator, and more)
  • Setting up the Gross and/or Net skins games for multiple flights and unlimited players (includes paid-in-advance and daily entry fee calculations, multi-day pool % settings, and more)
  • Selecting the club(s), as well as one or more course(s) at the club
  • Selecting tee names or creating custom tee names, tee colors, locations, ratings, and slopes
  • Entering hole handicaps, par values, and distances.
  • Player divisions and Gross/Net flight setups, if required.

Scorecard values are easily entered, using our built-in internet scorecard links. Or you can do it by finding the scorecards during your club search, if available. For any scorecard we don't have in our database, we have step-by-step instructions on where and how to find clubs and scorecards on the internet.

This is great news for you. We give you discounts for finding and acquiring new course scorecards. We'll pay you to enter the scorecard data that we don't have and you enter into our database.

Also included is a link to the USGA Course Rating and Slope database, so you can easily find and enter tee ratings and slopes during the Club/Course setup.

Rest assured! The feature-rich, setup instructions and tutorial videos are quick and easy to preview, anytime, 24/7. They'll quickly get you started. Setup shouldn't take you more than an hour. After that, you're ready for player signups.

We even provide a secure gateway where your players can use PayPal or Stripe to pay their entry fee. This service can be added for a small service fee.

How easy can it get?

Please review the site feature titles, below, and click on each video for a walk-through of settings, data entry, and functions. Once you're comfortable, start your setup. The videos, below, present all of the administrative features and settings.

The FAQs will also be of assistance.

The videos on this page are minimized in size to fit three across the screen.  To play all videos in full-screen mode, click on the Full Screen button shown in the image above. Note: Click the Full Screen button, first, and then click the Play button. Once done, press Esc to minimize the video and preview another.

The Play button is the white, right-arrow button above.

Golf Club Search, Add, or Edit

This video shows you how to search for a golf club, preview club info, such as name, address, telephone number, course name(s), and number of holes.

When previewing course/club data, you also have the ability to edit club information or course name(s). We also offer discounts for providing updates.

Golf Club Search, Add, or Edit

Tournament Administration

This video shows you how to access the Main Administration tabs (functions).  On each admin page, there are Instructions and a Play Video links for a walk-through of the functions on each selected tab.

You here, you have the capacity from Add/Edit Tournament to add/edit club, skins, course data, and flight information.

Add New Tournament

This video shows you how to add a new tournament or league. You'll set up name, date, tournament costs and fees, skins fees, tee names, tee colors, course ratings, slopes, flights, flight handicaps, flight types, and more.

You also have the ability to add tournament/league information, skins, and flight type setups.

Player Assignment

This video shows you how to enter player data. This page displays the player's name, age, and handicap index. The player's tournament signup input displays their gender, division, flight, and provides access to handicap index authentication.

You also have the capacity to change the player's index and division, as well as perform a player's handicap search.

Edit Tournament

This video shows you how to edit existing tournament data. You can edit the date, front-end tournament information, tournament fees (if applicable), as well as flight club and course, tee names, colors, ratings, slopes, and more.

You also have the capacity to edit tournament fees and skins management fees, if applicable.


This video shows you how enter player scores and see skins won. It shows you how to mark players that have withdrawn (WD) or have been disqualified (DQ). See whether a player is in the Gross, Net, or both skins games.

You can also click on the players name to see his age, index, course handicap, and skins payment(s).

Scores & Standings

This video shows you how the Scores and Standings page displays and sorts tournament results. It displays daily and cumulative rankings, as well as individual players', or team daily scorecards for scramble, best ball, and alternating shot tournaments.

You and the players can click on a player's name to view his daily scorecard eagles, birdies, pars, bogeys, and others.

Skins Payout

This video shows you how to preview the skins results on the Skins Payout page. You can select skins payout information according to flight and day(s) played. This page displays Gross and Net Skins payout, total skins pool, and holes where skins were won, and by whom.

You also can enable the Paid checkbox to show that you have paid each player their skins cash.

World Am Information

The World Am is an amateur golf tournament event that's held in Myrtle Beach, SC every year. The tournament has been held the last week of August for over 35 years.

Touted as the Largest & Most Fun Golf Tournament on the Planet, it's entering its 36th year. The Myrtle Beach World Amateur is the only event of its kind… boasting 72 holes of net stroke play with over 3,200 golfers competing simultaneously on 60 of Myrtle Beach’s best golf courses. It isn’t all about the golf though. Each evening the party continues at the World’s Largest 19th Hole.

There are prize drawings, food from several of the local area's restaurants, dozens of vendors, top TV golf personalities, music, dancing, and more.  There's even free alcoholic beverages (tips to bartenders are appreciated).

All of these features and so much more, it is well worth the $500+ entry fee. Think about it!  Four days of golf with cart, free dinner and drink every evening, door prizes, a party before the event (with prizes), games, music, dancing, vendors, golf items, a $25 gift card, a gift bag, and more.

BONUS! If you mention my name, Ken Weatherford, when you sign up as a new World Am player, I will gladly split the referral bonus with you.

For more information about the tournament, please visit the World Amateur Tournament website.

Replaying Chatbot Presentations


Minimize Chatbox After Presentation

After a chatbot presentation, it's recommended that you minimize the chat box by clicking on the Minimize button at the top right corner of the chat box (Figure 1).

Note: Minimizing the chat box prevents the box or avatar from impeding your view of the data entry fields or other information on the page. The avatar remains minimized at the bottom of the page.

Chatbot Does Not Automatically Replay

The Chatbot presentation does not automatically play a second time. The web page must be reloaded to play the presentation again.

Reloading the Web Page

To reload the web page, right click and select Reload from the popup menu (Figure 2). The web page and chatbot presentation reload.

Click on the avatar icon, and then click on Click to play button (see Figure 1).

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