Monthly Membership

The Monthly Membership can be a little confusing.  Therefore, let's explain our definition of a month.

A month, for the purpose of defining it in our memberships, is anything longer than one (1) day, yet within 30 days. Yes, we know some tournaments are multi-day. However, anything thirty (30) days and under but more than one day, we consider a month.   The benefit of having a Monthly Membership is that you save money over the Daily Membership.

If you plan to use the Monthly Membership, but administer tournaments/leagues twice per month or more per year, you'll benefit more by getting the Annual Membership. It's cheaper!

No worries about cumulative daily scores.  We have you covered! The Tournament Skins System adds up player scores cumulatively, each day, and then totals them at the end of the tournament. It also accounts for and adjusts players' course handicaps for each course played.

The Monthly Membership process includes the following steps for a single-day or multi-day event:

  1. Sign up as a tournament/league administrator.
  2. Determine whether there will be prizes or donations involved and set % of entry fee or skins in the next step.
  3. Set up your tournament information from the Add New Tournament/League administration page.
    • Enter Tournament Name
    • Enter numerical value for # Days
    • Select Start Date from popup calendar
    • Enter web page information for players in the Descriptions box.
    • Set deduction % from entry fees or skins for prizes or donations.
    • Skins payment
      • Pay daily by a determined amount (usually higher than multi-day)
      • Pay multi-day by % per day, with all daily % equaling 100% when added together
    • Skins Types
      • Hole-by-hole skins - one winner for lowest score on a hole, no carry overs
      • 50% skins - Payout of a skins to two players that tie
      • Carry-over skins - Carry none winning holes over to the next winner
    • Course image upload - For information page
    • Club/Course settings - Club, course, tee names/custom names, tee colors, ratings and slopes
    • Flight types selection (Alpha, Ordinal, Age/Gender, or Numerical
    •  Selection of Club/course flight plays on (used mostly for multi-day, but also used for single club/course play
    • Handicap Tournament - high and low handicap range (Min/Max) for each flight (Gross/raw scores)
    • Handicap Index Net - high and low handicap range (Min/Max) for each flight (Net/adjusted gross scores)
  4. Direct players to sign-up form on the Tournament Registration page
    (email, phone, calendar) or sign up in person.
  5. Edit tournament information, scorecard, Min/Max handicap range, etc., as necessary, from the Edit Tournament/league administration

6.  Confirm players' info, such as name, age, index, flight assignment, etc.
7.  Determine gross, net, or both skins and note in the system
8.  Determine how much each skins entry will for gross and/or net.
9.  Collect cash skins money from players on Day 1
10. Confirm payment on the Player Data page.
11.  Set up flight pairings and/or pairing requests.
12.  Run the tournament.
13.  Post player scores.
14.  Complete the scorecard.
15.  Preview skins won after all scores have been posted.
16.  Pay players skins/prize money.

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